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2-Sling dimensions  
2-Sling user manual
Smart Resque Line for nautic use.

photos: Dick Teske

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  • 2-Sling line throw works like a party streamer (serpentine).
    Applied tape (425 kg) comes out smooth and without any resistance.
    This enables far and accurate throwing.
  • Tape measuress 16 x 0.8 mm and is fully rounded/not sharp on the edges. In use forces are more spreaded on eg. hands compared to rope, causing less pain.
  • 2-Sling can be used without any practice (although we do advise to practice): forehanded, backhanded or over the shoulder.
  • 2-Sling can also be used to throw over a tug line in a hazard situation.
  • 2-Sling is compact (320*320*32mm)